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Welcome to GarnetLash Studio, home to San Diego’s top Eyelash Extension Experts!

Each member of our team endures extensive, expert training, and has proven to perform at the highest standards. 

Installing eyelash extensions is an extremely delicate service and should be provided only by skilled and licensed experts. The health of your natural eyelashes is our highest priority.

Beware of Groupons and under-experienced individuals who can put your eyes in danger.

We do not waste our time “counting” your lashes, instead we use every minute to install as many eyelash extensions on your eyes as possible! After walking out of Garnet Lash Studio with 70-150 lashes per eye, your new flattering look will be turning heads. The ONLY way to maintain a glamorous look 365 days per year, is to be completely full at every appointment.

We love what we do & take pride in being specialists in Eyelash Extensions.

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Be pampered in one of our private lash rooms

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Let us give you better lashes than Kim Kardashian.

Lashes you see on TV are typically a bad recipe of Eyelash Extensions + Strip Lashes + Fiber Mascara =

Jimmy Fallon Eyelash Extensions

We are experts at Garnet Lash Studios.

We help you maintain a beautiful set of lashes, for life!

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Beware of groupons, coupons and goop-ons!

In under-trained hands, your lashes could be in danger, or even worse your eyes.

Don’t let this be you…..

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How do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Before your eyelash appointment starts, your Lash Artist will consult with you about daily activities, medications and/or supplements taken which may affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions. You will also discuss the possibilities of designs that will work best for your needs.

Eyelash Extensions are made of synthetic materials; a blend of polyester and nylon. These fibers have been designed to mimic real hair, tapering to a very fine tip. At GarnetLash Studio, we carry a plethora of sizes: lengths, diameters and curvatures to ensure that your Lash Artist can create the look you desire, should your natural lashes permit.

Each single Eyelash Extension is strategically adhered to an individual lash of your own, skillfully using a safe distance of 1mm from your eyelid. Only the highest quality medical-grade adhesive on the market is used, which has been designed for use with Eyelash Extensions.

Our team consists of only intensively trained professionals, and we confidently install Lash Extensions correctly without damaging your natural lashes, or surrounding eye area. This safe adhering technique avoids contact of your skin with the adhesive or the Eyelash Extensions themselves.

We have carefully selected the highest quality Eyelash Extension material to be found, so that you cannot feel your Lash Extensions. They are soft yet flexible enough to hold a curl and create the natural lift in your eye that you cannot achieve with makeup products alone.

Maintaining a beautiful set of Eyelash Extensions year-round can be achieved as a team effort from both you and your Lash Artist.

If you make the investment in getting your lashes done by a true professional, then all you have to do is maintain them properly at home, and schedule your Refresh appointments every 2-3 weeks according to the recommendation of your Lash Stylist.

We take pride in offering a luxury service with stunning results, in the privacy of your own relaxing room.

Check us out, and see the difference.

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